Montis crowdfunding campaign: From eucalyptus to native woods

On the 6th of October 2020 MONTIS launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise money to invest in the transformation of 4.9 ha of abandoned eucalyptus and bushland areas into native woodland.

The investment will address the plots bought in 2019 with the previous crowdfunding: 6 parcels in the centre of Portugal to dedicate to nature conservation. The current eucalyptus areas are not of interest for conservation or production actions, and therefore can be converted into a more biodiverse landscape.
After some time looking for solutions and partners for its conversion, ELCN project partner MONTIS decided to proceed with its own resources and with the resources from those who want to see these examples implemented. The techniques to be applied are technically easy to implement, which increases their pedagogical value and replicability. 

Montis' important work can be supported by donating to the campaign here.