ILCN Congress Participants

Highlights from the 2018 ILCN Congress

It has been two months since the ILCN Global Congress in Santiago, Chile. If you are interested to see the highlights of the Congress, check out this short  Congress Video. The Congress was attended by 160 people representing 24 countries.

Over the course of 24 workshops, three plenaries, and a field trip, participants built relationships across countries and continents, as well as discussed shared challenges and the latest innovations in private land conservation management, policy, governance, and financing.

The 2018 Global Congress built upon the momentum, conversations, collaborations, and relationships that have emerged over the past several years, including at the First Congress of the ILCN, held in Berlin, Germany in October 2015 and at the Workshop on Emerging Innovations in Conservation Finance, held in Santiago in September 2016.