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Pilot Action A.12

Historic Heritage and Nature Conservation

Short summary of the mechanism

The pilot action will study two particularities of the Italian situation regarding private land conservation, which could be of interest and replicable to other countries: the presence of private foundations managing lands also for their natural values and the existence of initiatives which not only pursue nature conservation but also historic heritage, eco-tourism or eco-produce in private lands.

Description/objective of the model/tool

The pilot will investigate how private nature conservation, historic or cultural heritage preservation and tourism/artisanal production mutually reinforce each other and together bring the landowner more benefits than each one separately would. The lessons from the Italian examples may prove inspiring or replicable elsewhere.

Implementation mechanism and process

The pilot action will examine these initiatives, why they exist, what the motivations for the companies/philanthropists are to start them, and if they could be replicable elsewhere. The activities foreseen are: survey to identify all private land conservation initiatives in Italy (at least 50), establishing mail, phone and personal contacts (min 30), elaboration and diffusion of a survey to the contacts, on nature and motivation of the initiatives and selection of the best 20 initiatives, interviews with 20 selected initiatives on natural/cultural heritage, elaboration of the report and guidelines, organisation of a national seminar.

Stakeholders involved

Foundations, private protected areas, NGOs working in the heritage and nature sector, companies, landowners, etc. 


10.08.2017 - 31.12.2018

Is the tool/model already being applied in another region? If so, where? How? Since when?

No, to our knowledge, such an inventory of initiatives that combine historic heritage preservation and nature conservation has not been carried out anywhere yet.

How much land is already conserved by the tool/model?

The action will determine the area already conserved.

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