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List of Actions

1) Preparatory activities
A.1 Kick-off meeting
A.2 European census of private land conservation initiatives
A.3 Development of an analytical framework for the evaluation of the pilot actions
A.4 Prospection for international state-of-the-art tools and models for private land conservation (Study tour Denver, CO, USA and Santiago, Chile)

2) Pilot actions on private land conservation tools and models
A.5 Pilot action on company reserves
A.6 Pilot action on crowdsourcing for private land conservation
A.7 Pilot action on commercial incentives for private land conservation
A.8 Pilot action on tax incentives for stewardship agreements
A.9 Pilot action on integrated Natura 2000 management planning with local landowners
A.10 Pilot action on conservation easements for private forest conservation
A.11 Pilot action on farming private land for conservation
A.12 Pilot action on historic heritage and private land conservation
A.13 Pilot action on using public recognition to foster private land conservation

3) Exchange of experiences and knowledge
B.1 Workshop on incentives for private land conservation
B.2 Workshop on cooperation for private land conservation
B.3 Workshop on legal tools for private land conservation
B.4 Networking with other (LIFE) projects
B.5 International conference

4) Communication actions
B.6 Project communication (website, newsletter, notice boards, layman report)
B.7 Manual on private land conservation in the EU
B.8 Policy recommendations

5) Project management and monitoring
C.1 Project management
C.2 Compilation of monitoring indicators
C.3 Project monitoring (implementation, outputs, outcomes, impact)
C.4 Socio-economic impact monitoring
C.5 After-LIFE Plan